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A Guide to Successful Capital Calls & Fundraising for Real Estate Dealmakers

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Ideal Equity-to-Debt Ratios 

Today, most commercial real estate deal financing takes the form of being heavier on the debt side — around 75 percent. The remainder is funded with equity, which means you’ll be working with private investors, funds, and syndicates. Download the guide to learn more about how to make it all come together to close the deal.

Going Digital with Your Pitch

When you’re ready to pitch a new deal to investors, it’s important to put all of the information they need in front of them so they can make an informed decision and be more prepared to take action. Get our top tips on streamlining this process with secure software solutions to keep you organized while also giving your investors the information they need exactly when they need it.

Don't Reinvent the Reporting Wheel

If you’re like many commercial real estate professionals, you’ve likely looked around for templates you can use to conduct a capital call. Templates are useful tools, but you can skip the template research step completely with an investment management platform that takes care of it all for you instead. Download the ebook for our recommendations on streamlining the reporting process. 

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Intelligent fundraising and efficient capital call processes will be crucial in the years ahead for commercial real estate professionals looking to offset the downturn seen in the industry over much of the second half of 2022. Here’s why:

  1. Fundraising overall needs to become more effective, insightful, measurable, and efficient. You and your investors both want the deal to close quickly so you can start generating revenue and returns.
  2. Capital calls are essential for bringing in funding from committed investors and are a critical part of the fundraising process. Streamlining the way you execute them — and how investors are able to provide their capital — will make a significant difference in speed and results.

Here, we’ll explore these two processes in-depth and provide recommendations to ensure that your firm is in a strong position for the road ahead.

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