Office Real Estate Outlook: 2023 & Beyond

Opportunities for Investing in a Challenged Asset Class 

office real estate outlook - 2023 and beyond


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How to Create a Competitive Advantage for Tenants

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for businesses. Tenants are seeking office spaces that give them an edge. As a property owner, it's important to evaluate what your property has to offer and find ways to enhance its value for potential lessees. By researching your competition and striving to exceed its offerings, you can create a competitive advantage for your tenants.

Streamline Post-Close Operations

Gone are the days when simply providing office space was enough. In today's competitive market, industry professionals must focus on maximizing value for tenants, helping them achieve their goals, and satisfying investor expectations. If you're considering adding an office asset to your portfolio, it's time to think about how you can help your clients generate revenue, improve customer service, and attract top talent to work in the space.

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Mass exits from offices during the pandemic followed by low renewals meant that many buildings were standing empty for months (or longer), making them burdensome for industry professionals looking to generate revenue and satisfy investors. Today, the effects of those challenges are being seen nationwide, with a number of firms taking measures to reduce costs — including putting some high-profile assets up for auction or sale.

At the same time, other industry organizations are capitalizing on workplace trends. With prospective tenants seeking to attract talent that expects more sophisticated work environments and amenities, many firms are focusing on upgrading their offices to better appeal to workers — and thus the types of companies that would lease those assets.

With much still in flux in the office sector, it’s critical that firms looking to capitalize on the opportunities available position themselves for success. Here, we’ll provide several ways this can be achieved. Let’s get started.

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