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Defining the Multifamily Real Estate Investment Opportunity

In addition to rent growth and surging demand, multifamily investing provides GPs and investors with a variety of benefits. Inside this free ebook, Covercy experts share what factors make multifamily such an appealing asset class within CRE. 

Review (and Avoid) Common Pitfalls in Multifamily Real Estate Ownership 

Covercy experts share some common mistakes multifamily property owners make as they land deals and add investors. See our top tips to avoid making those same mistakes yourself.

Maximize Success in Multifamily Property Management

CRE owners across asset classes know how critical it is to keep investors happy. Inside this ebook, explore how sophisticated and successful multifamily owners are streamlining back-office processes and investor relations. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time strengthening investor relationships.

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Whether you’re just beginning to explore your options for commercial real estate (CRE) investing or you already have a strong portfolio of assets, multifamily real estate investing is currently one of the best avenues to long-term wealth creation. The past two years have proven this, with the multifamily market seeing incredibly strong growth in rental prices mixed with soaring demand for housing.

According to the August 2022 Apartment List National Rent Report, the year started out with 18% year-over-year rent growth. While this has somewhat cooled to 12.3% growth year-over-year as of the end of July 2022, the national index is still continuing to see upward movement. While the median rent rate hasn’t matched that of 2021, rents are still continuing to rise faster than in pre-pandemic years.

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