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3 Areas Where Better Service Equals Better Results

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A New Generation, A New Way

Property owners, property managers, brokers, real estate firm employees, and even your target commercial property investors are getting younger & younger every day. Gen Z is here, and with them, a different approach to building wealth in the commercial real estate market. Make sure your firm is prepared to embrace how this new generation prefers to communicate about opportunities and their investment performance.

Capital Calls in a Couple of Clicks

Sourcing the right deal may feel like finding a needle in a haystack. In this ebook, we explore why finding the deal is perhaps the easiest part of getting a new deal across the finish line and we share how an investment management tool can offer a multitude of solutions for end-to-end deal support and investor communications. 

So Long Forever, Wire Day

Sure, some of your investors prefer paper checks. But they all want to understand the ROI of their investment, feel secure in the accuracy of quarterly payment distributions, and receive timely communication regarding new opportunities. Learn how a tool like Covercy covers all those bases and more.

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Communication between general partners and investors is going to be more crucial than ever as new generations enter the industry and complexity increases. By communication, we mean far more than 1:1 interactions — we mean the passing of information and resources between parties as they pertain to the success of a deal. There are a number of phases in a commercial real estate transaction that require clear and simple communication. Here, we’ll be examining three in particular where strong communication contributes to the success of a deal — before it closes and after:

  1. Sharing new deal opportunities
  2. Conducting capital calls
  3. Distributing investor payments

We hope this exploration helps you identify ways that you can improve service to your investors and industry partners in 2023 while also reaping the rewards — both financial and operational — of the solutions that enable them. Let’s dig in.

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