Deal Sourcing: How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals 

4 Key Steps to Source and Close the Best Commercial Real Estate Deals

Deal Sourcing - Close More Real Estate Deals


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Where to Find the Best Real Estate Deals

Sourcing new deals and potential investment opportunities remains one of the most cited challenges commercial real estate professionals have today. Fortunately, exploring additional channels as well as adopting new practices can help you find new connections and identify potential opportunities.

Differing Approaches to Funding & Financing

While technically occuring after a deal has been sourced, financing plays a pivotal role in your success because much of the work in securing and preparing for financing is done ahead of time. In this ebook, Covercy explores unique ways to fund or finance your deal, especially in today's expensive-to-borrow market.

The Critical Closing (and Post-Closing!) Moment

Learn how sophisticated commercial real estate owners close today's deals with an eye for the future & how they tap into existing relationships post-close to source the next deals. Remember, even with today's technological advances, real estate is still primarily a relationship-driven industry. Your current investors are your biggest advocates. Focus on keeping them happy to keep a pipeline of new deals coming your way far into the future.

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While commercial real estate enjoyed a period of strong growth throughout late 2021 and the first half of 2022, a number of well-known economic concerns — as well as long-standing challenges already present in the industry that are coming to a head — have caused a slowdown that’s likely to continue impacting this market for the foreseeable future.

One key challenge for industry professionals going forward is deal sourcing. Lending in the commercial real estate space is becoming more expensive and challenging than it has been in previous years, so expanding a database of potential partners in order to raise the capital needed will be important. Specific segments of the commercial real estate industry have been experiencing new and prolonged difficulties as well, including...

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