Solving a Complex Problem:

How GPs are Simplifying & Streamlining Commercial Real Estate Banking Processes 

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How GPs are Streamlining Account Creation & Organization 

Learn how modern GPs are addressing the complexities associated with handling multiple accounts, associated with different deals, from potentially several different banking institutions and CRE investments.

Ways to Improve Visibility Across Accounts and Vendors

Read about how sophisticated GPs in commercial real estate investing are using integrated banking technology to gain visibility across accounts, assets and payees in ways that are simply impossible to get with any other banking products on the market today.

Reporting Breakdowns and Sub-Account Setup Tips 

GPs need simple, instant access to asset and investor performance. In the eBook, see how some GPs are creating reports and using account hierarchies to organize their bank accounts, assets and investors in a way that makes reporting a breeze. 

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GPs face a long laundry list of responsibilities as part of their work in commercial property investment. They’re charged with discovering investment opportunities, managing the day-to-day decisions about the fund or deal, raising capital from and distributing funds to limited partners (LPs), and providing information and support while managing investor relations.

This checklist doesn’t include the bigger picture responsibilities of growing assets or providing leadership to their firm. It also doesn’t include the many banking needs or tasks that come with commercial real estate which, while smaller in scope, can lionize a GPs time, effort, and energy due to their necessity and quantity. Let’s examine those CRE banking needs further.

On average, the typical GP is managing 10 to 20 assets, with three to four different accounts attached to each asset. Even on the low end of the potential spectrum, that’s 30 different bank accounts that the GP (or their team) have to manage. And that’s just the beginning. When accounting for transactions — vendor payments, investor distributions, capital calls — the administrative requirements increase exponentially. Each transaction could affect a different account tied to a different asset; this makes managing the banking aspect of your business more challenging and timeconsuming than it needs to be.

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