2024 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Finding Resilience in a Rugged Landscape

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2024 commercial real estate outlook - covercy

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How 2023 Shook Out in Commercial Real Estate

2023 was a year of turmoil for everyone involved in commercial real estate, with expectations of both challenges and opportunities outlined in our 2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. However, the past 12 months proved to be even more difficult than even we anticipated, causing a significant downturn in the CRE industry. As we reflect on the year that has passed, we now turn our focus to the future and evaluate what lies ahead. Inside the ebook, Covercy experts dive deeper into what unfolded in 2023 and how it's impacted our outlook for the year to come.

Predictions for 2024: From Tech Adoption to Asset Classes & More

Our industry experts predict we're not out of the woods just yet, but there are a number of steps GPs can take to mitigate risk and deliver growth for LPs in 2024. In the ebook, we deliver our top predictions for software trends, outsourcing vs. in-house talent, fundraising & capital cost considerations, which markets & asset classes are poised to take off (and which may stagnate), and more. 

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As we outlined in our 2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook, market headwinds were expected to bear many challenges and opportunities. Yet over the past 12 months, it’s clear that positions eroded more severely than anticipated and the CRE industry experienced a significant downturn. Now, with 2023 logged, we’re looking forward and assessing what comes next. First, a look back at the catalysts that made 2023 uniquely difficult for commercial real estate:

  • Pandemic hangover effects—remote/hybrid work and new migration patterns—led to largely empty office properties
  • A five-day span in March resulted in a handful of bank failures, leading to turmoil
  • Increasing inflation drove up the cost of virtually everything
  • Capital was more costly under the twin hammers of rising interest rates and tighter monetary policy
  • Higher costs meant private equity firms didn’t deploy as much capital
  • Geopolitical instability—the ongoing war in Ukraine and the conflict in Israel—left investors more conservative
  • The decline of commercial mortgage-backed securities with an increase in delinquencies

What it Means for 2024: These challenges won’t magically resolve when the calendar flips. How are these factors shaping CRE professionals’ outlook for the year ahead?

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