2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook 

Navigating the Challenges & Opportunities Ahead in the Real Estate Industry

2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook


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2023 commercial real estate outlook

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A Realistic Look at the Risks and Opportunities Ahead in Commercial Real Estate

Whereas some sectors of the industry saw decline, others such as multifamily saw rapid, significant growth — driving increased attention to the opportunities available and motivating current investors and GPs to dig in that much more. That said, 2022 brought a number of challenges that cannot be ignored and must be
factored into future plans.

How Sophisticated Real Estate Firms are Creating a Better Way Forward 

Read about how sophisticated GPs in commercial real estate investing are focusing on proactivity and preparedness as the market contends with a period of economic uncertainty.  

The Often Overlooked Role of Banking and Finance in Real Estate Investment Success 

Read about how banking and financial service solutions are marrying investor relations for streamline efficiencies, better fundraising and distribution payments, and even interest-earning opportunities across checking accounts. 

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Hurricane Ian causing widespread devastation in Florida, other seasonal weather putting assets at risk, the potential for new regulations, prolonged vacancies due to the pandemic, and the effects of inflation and rising interest rates have all added new complexity.

CRE professionals must prioritize solutions that put them in a strong position. Historically, the industry has been behind in technology adoption. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37% of CRE workers were 55 years or older as of 2020. CRE professionals in this generation tend to be less likely to use newer technologies
or processes. At the same time, a new, more technologically demanding generation is entering the industry. This can lead to talent issues and other inefficiencies.

In this guide, we’ll explore ways professionals can position themselves for success — and how technology will play a meaningful, efficient role.

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